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Local Girl and Studio Earn Top Spots in National Competition

Posted on Monday, July 24, 2017 at 2:37 pm

Larkin Mainwaring with her Platinum medal and First Place Trophy. Keaton Ward with her Platinum medal and Third Place trophy.

A 10 year-old Dade City girl received the highest rating and first place for the best vocal performance in her competition category at the Access Broadway national talent competition in Orlando last week.

Larkin Mainwaring, a voice student at Graham Music Studio was given a Platinum rating Wednesday and was awarded first place in Broadway Ballad category and a Broadway Star for achieving the highest score among 9 through 12 year-olds nationally. Mainwaring performed the solo, ”Quiet” from the musical “Matilda.”

SHOWBIZ with their Platinum Trophy Front Row: Kalli Keith, Analiese Gallagher, Keaton Ward Middle Row: Marlee Tomkow, Analee Tonkow, Mikayla Mauradian, Isabella Como, Emily Loyed, Reaghan Ladd Back Row: Larkin Mainwaring, Alison Graham, Emma Shireman, Lyndsay Furtado, Bailey Bardin

Graham Music Studio’s show choir Showbiz also took highest honors in the group competition Saturday with a Platinum rating and first place in the Broadway category. The Showbiz group was made up of Bailey Bardin, Isabella Como, Lyndsay Furtado, Analiese Gallagher, Kalli Jo Keith, Reaghan Ladd, Emily Loyed, Larkin Mainwaring, Mikayla Mauradian, Emma Shireman, Analee Tomkow, Marlee Tomkow, Keaton Ward, and Macy Whisnant.

SHOWBIZ with their Platinum trophy and First Place Trophy Front Row: Mikayla Mauradian, Marlee Tomkow, Analee Tomkow, Kalli Keith, Keaton Ward Back Row: Reaghan Ladd, Emily Loyed, Emma Shireman, Isabella Como, Alison Graham, Lyndsay Furtado, Bailey Bardin, Analiese Gallagher, Larkin Maonwaring and Macy Whisnant

“We were really nervous about competing against mega-studios from New York, Atlanta and Las Vegas,” said Alison Graham, owner and instructor of Graham Music Studio in Dade City, “but somehow this little studio from Dade City, Florida pulled it out and beat them all.  I’m so very proud of Showbiz,” Graham added. “These girls have been on fire all year. Although this is not the group Keaton and Larkin are normally in, they both stepped in when two members couldn’t participate and performed with us at nationals.  They learned the routine in two hours”

Other Graham Music Studio soloists who took home awards were Keaton Ward, who received a Platinum rating and won Third place in her category, Broadway Up-tempo; and Mikayla Mauradian who received a High Gold rating.

The Access Broadway competition consisted of groups from around the country that received a qualifying score at one of Access Broadway’s regional competitions.