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Posted on Monday, April 3, 2017 at 2:07 pm

Professional sports teams, public and private golf courses and public parks rely on professional groundskeepers to maintain playing surfaces and park grounds. Golf course employees who maintain the grounds are often referred to as “greenskeepers,” but such employees do more than maintain putting greens. The responsibilities of greenskeepers and their staffs include mowing the greens, tee boxes, fairways and rough, and each particular area requires the use of a different mower. Golf course maintenance staff typically begin their workdays before the sun rises, ending their days sometime in early afternoon so golfers can play without distraction. Groundskeepers for professional sports teams focus the bulk of their efforts on maintaining the fields, which require significant watering and fertilization to withstand the heavy wear and tear they receive during the course of a season. Professional sports team groundskeepers typically work very long hours during the season, often arriving many hours before game time and staying even after the game has ended.