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Bridge Loan Program activated

Posted on Monday, September 25, 2017 at 9:39 am

The Florida Bridge Loan has been activated, as well as some federal programs, but our businesses need to report their damages and have a way of finding out about the programs.

We have added to the MyPasco App, an easy way for our residents and businesses to report damages anddebris removal location. Please feel free to let your contacts know that as well.

Business Damage Survey

Affected businesses are being asked to complete a Business Damage Assessment (BDA) Survey that can be obtained at The survey results will be shared among various state and local agencies to expedite implementation of appropriate disaster relief programs for affected businesses and to aid in the determination of eligibility to receive assistance through the Emergency Bridge Loan Program. **Please choose “Hurrucane Irma” from the Event pull down menu.**

The Florida Bridge Loan Program

The Florida Bridge Loan Program is a short-term, interest-free working capital loans intended to “bridge the gap” between the time a majjor catastrophe hits and when a business has secured longer term recovery resources, such as suffucuent profits from a revived business, receipt of payments on insurance claims or federal disaster assistance.

The Emergency Bridge Loan Program is not designed to be the promary source of assistance to affected small businesses, which is why eligibility is linked to pursuit of other sources. Please note: this program provides a short-term loan of State of Florida public funds, not a grant, with the exception that repayment will be made out of receipts from other sources of longer term disiaster recovery assistance. For more information and the application, please visit: