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7 Spivey Karate Students pass Black Belt tests

Posted on Friday, September 1, 2017 at 8:51 am

Black Belt graduates and instructors from Spivey Karate are: Back row (left to right) Nicholas Gray, Daniel Sammons, William Spivey, Bob Curry, Cherish Fields; Sitting: Craig McKinnon, Dr. Webster, Stephanie McKinnon; Front: Harley Chaney, Michelle Wagner.

Grand Master William Spivey firmly believes that one of the keys to good mental & physical health is to learn something new. After several months of training, Spivey and six of his Black Belt students recently took a test in Kobudo (Okinawan Weapons). They were tested by  a board consisting of Grand Master Dr. James Webster, national Kobudo instructor, and Craig and Stephanie McKinnon, both of whom have three Degree Black belts in Kobudo.  Passing the test to receive the 1st Degree Black Belt were Daniel Sammons, Michelle Wagner, Rob Curry, Cherish Fields, Nicholas Gray and Harley Chaney. Grand Master Spivey was promoted to 2nd Degree Black Belt.


“It was all about the challenge of rising to the occasion,” said Spivey.  The testing board commented, “This is the best test I have ever seen. Everyone was perfectly prepared. Everyone knew exactly how to correctly work each weapon. Everyone answered all of the questions perfectly.”


Kobudo classes will be held monthly on the 3rd Saturday at Spivey Karate. All martial artists, regardless of rank, school or style are welcome. For more info call (352) 518-9409.